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  1. The Taiki Akimoto 5S Awards ceremony, jointly held by Japan Sri Lanka Cultural Seminar was held at the Galadari Hotel on 3rd April 2010.
  2. The Lindula consumer Service Centre of the Ceylon Electricity Board, which competed in this award ceremony was successful in winning the coveted Nagasaki Yamamoto Kaizen Award. It is a matter of special significance that this is the first time in history that such an award has been won.
  3. The Lindula consumer services Centre has been awarded many awards since the year 2000.They have also been successful in winning many awards since 2003.These competitions were organized by the Sri Lanka Japan Industrial and cultural Organization (JESTICA) where the competitions held were at International level.

Other Awards

  1. Productivity Award 2003
  2. Many awards won at competitions conducted by the Office of the secretary of the Standards Institution since 2000 held at both Provincial and National level
  3. Award given to the Central Province 2006
  4. National Award 2006
  5. International Award 2007
  6. National Award 2008
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