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About 5S Lanka

Are you satisfied with the house you live in or your place of work? What is your opinion on its efficiency? It is indeed something astonishing and wonderful to see time flying away, without our knowledge. We are struggling with time due to the busy schedules and our way of living.

You feel that the wage you earn is not enough. You have no rest from the time you get up in the morning. There may be certain tasks which you could not perform on that particular day or you were unable to perform, and due to this you become mentally depressed and disappointed.

Isn’t this due to lack of planning? Japan, which is one of the most developed and efficient countries in the world is a country that has achieved maximum and the highest efficiency levels. Therefore Japan has found a very successful solution to this. This method is now being adopted in almost the whole world and has shown very good results. This concept is known as the 5S Concept or put in our own language it is called “ Panchavida Sankalpa”

The aim of this concept is to achieve more productivity by organizing any home, school, office, factory or any other place to keep clean and orderly.

The history of this concept runs to about 30 years to the past. During this time it was found that the jetties in Japan were run in a very inefficient manner and resulted in many accidents and delays. Therefore the Government of Japan, in order to make it more efficient and profitable started with theS2 concept and later went on to develop it to S3, and S4 until finally it came to S5 concept at.

This concept is also known as the “Domestic or Home Management Concept”.This has been adopted to organize the production and work places, where Japanese goods are manufactured. In order to get closer to the localized present concept it has now been named as the 5S or the 5 Concepts.

These 5 concepts or 5S helps to bring about great results.The meaning of the 5 concepts are given below.

These 5 concepts or 5S helps to bring about great results.The meaning of the 5 concepts are given below.

  1. “Susanharanaya” - To sort out and remove unnecessary item.s
  2. “Susanyojanaya” - To manufacture and make in an orderly manner.
  3. “Supasannathawaya” To examine and clean.
  4. “Susanthapanaya” - To be orderly and having a high standard.
  5. “Susanvedeyatha” - To be disciplined and be correctly trained.

By adopting this method, you will be able to achieve the following benefits.

  1. To reduce waste with the least amount of effort.
  2. To save your valuable time.
  3. To be able to save your hard earned money.
  4. To reduce accidents.
  5. To reduce mental stress and physical stress and depression.
  6. To be able to provide high quality consumer services which you have developed.

Also, through the introduction of this method you will achieve the following benefits:

  1. Development of team efforts.
  2. Encouragement and development of efforts.
  3. Development and enhancement of productivity and safety.
  4. Ability to identify hidden talents.