Ceylon Electricity Board, Hatton, Sri Lanka.

5s Consultancy

The efficiency and productivity of the organization will be enhanced and a good, efficient staff will emerge. Therefore it is possible to improve and strengthen our development through such a staff.

Training Programs

If we strive to greatly reduce our time, effort, money an our strengths, we should be able to increase the productivity of our organization.Through this effort we will be able to meet a staff with profitable thinking.

Consultancy Programs

Through this concept we will be able to develop the various theories, knowledge and expertise of the various members of our staff. In order to achieve all this, training is extremely necessary.

Welcome To 5S Lanka

Are you satisfied with the house you live in or your place of work? What is your opinion on its efficiency? It is indeed something astonishing and wonderful to see time flying away, without our knowledge. We are struggling with time due to the busy schedules and our way of living.
You feel that the wage you earn is not enough. You have no rest from the time you get up in the morning. There may be certain tasks which you could not perform on that particular day or you were unable to perform, and due to this you become mentally depressed and disappointed.


Even at present we organize and conduct work shops, Seminars etc to advise you as to how to increase productivity and beauty in your organization and how to improve on these aspects.

Sam Products

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